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  1. Ron Utter says:


    Our bike club over in Jackson is very intrigued with your pursuits especially your dirt road riding. We would like to invite you to our annual club party on January 11th at 4 p.m. as our featured speaker. If you have interest and would be available please let me know.


    Ron Utter
    Cascades Cycling Club

    • Rob says:

      Hi Ron,

      I’d be happy to talk to your club on the 11th. The Jackson area is great for all kinds of riding.

      Do you have a projector that I can connect my laptop to? I prefer to give a visual presentation. It brings the topic to life.


  2. Hi Rob,
    I see that you are visiting some of our neighbor libraries. We’d love to have you come to ours. Please let me know if this is a possibility and your available dates.

  3. Craig Hupp says:

    Who do I contact to get permission to use the Buhland Road, Antrim County photo on the PedalGood website?

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